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Great Bible Tarot Companion Book

Series :  Tarot books
Creation date :  2003-2020
Unique identifier :  CBDOR88
Authors :  Omi Romi
Issued :  Printed in EU 2020
Size :  3,5" x 5,125"
USD 47,00
This book would be interesting for those readers who want to understand the relation between the two quite different (at first glance) themes as religion and magic. We will try to find common features and attempt to combine diverse and contradictory history of Christianity, canonized in the Bible with irrational and mystical tendency of human nature to always look for supernatural opportunities to predict future events through a variety of magical symbolic systems like, for example, ordinary playing cards, ancient Chinese I-Ching (易經 - Book of Changes) philosophical conceptions, Scandinavian Futhark alphabet and, of course, Tarot pictography. Because of unserious "fairground fortune-telling" and surrounded by a halo of buffoonery reputation of Tarot in the western society, and sometimes ascribed to Tarot cards adverse features like strange and even dangerous thing for the uninitiated - Tarot throughout more than 500 years of history had been a subject of interest only for a few enthusiasts of mysticism and magic, but have never been the object of any serious research. Only in the last years of the twentieth century, in the wake of renewed interest in esoteric knowledge, began to appear deep enough and comprehensive studies of Tarot pictographic system structure. So in this book, we will try to lay down thin connection lines between descriptive imagery of the biblical stories in the Old and New Testaments and hidden meanings of Tarot symbols.